More than just great threads

In the wake of the 2021 pandemic, as the world grappled with isolation, Shane Carter saw an opportunity to bring people together in a uniquely Aussie way. Founded by Shane in 2021, on May 8th (YEAH M8 DAY) Yeah Mate Apparel emerged as a beacon of mateship, designed to dissolve the isolation that had settled between us all.


Driven by a belief in the power of chinwags for change, Shane became an ambassador for conversations that matter. He understood that having a laugh can be the balm to bringing people together. Yeah Mate was born on the principles of mateship, humour, and the undeniable impact of conversation.


With a mission to reunite communities and clear the static between ears, Yeah Mate isn't just about fashion; it's a movement. Shane's vision transcends clothing, weaving through the fabric of positive change and support for those who need it most.


Join us in the Yeah Mate journey, Where not only mateship matters, but we understand the profound impact that a simple "Yeah, mate!" can have on brightening everyone's day.

A Great Mates Legacy

Simmo, a cherished friend and the soul who ignited the spark of Yeah Mate, has left us with a profound legacy of mateship, laughter, and the simple yet powerful phrase, "Yeah mate!"

In a fateful conversation, Simmo looked at Shane and declared, 

"The world needs Yeah Mate — give it a crack." 

Those words became the driving force behind an entire movement. Simmo's spirit, eternally preserved in the essence of Yeah Mate, reminds us to embrace our mates, face challenges with a hearty laugh, and give life our best crack.

As we mourn the loss of a dear friend, we honour Simmo's memory by naming the essence of yeah mate after him.

Winner Winner 
Yeah Mate Dinner

Cheers to the Yeah Mate team for clinching the prestigious Best New Retail Product award at the 2022 Perth Royal Show! Our commitment to embodying the true spirit of mateship, humour, and aussie pride has earned us this royal recognition.

The Dream Team